Newlyweds bedroom design ideas are meant to help the couple enjoy their life together in a well adjusted atmosphere. The bedroom is an epitome for romance and fun amongst couples and status of the bedroom can either discourage intimacy between couples or trigger the same. The first step to avoiding conflict and confusion is knowing what you want and what works best for your lifestyle. Maybe you like to keep things organized at all times while your spouse likes being more comfortable, or maybe you’re a morning person living with a night owl.

Moving in with your significant other can be exciting if things are done in right way. So to avoid as many squabbles as possible, here are words of wisdom from the best interior designers in Naples, NCR who have seen it all.


The first parameter for designing and decorating a bedroom is to create perfect atmosphere and great ambience to offer a romantic look and feel. Using some fresh flowers bouquet or trying some romantic aromas through room freshners or scented candles can work wonders!! Use bright as well as dim light for situations and occasions. Think of mood lighting to enhance your heaven.


Every color has its own importance and if choosen wisely as per occasion it plays a vital role in decor. In this case everyone would suggest the couple to go for pink or red color in room as it symbolises love. But is it really necessary to get your whole room painted in red? We won’t suggest this!! Infact think of some color that is liked by you both which is neither feminine nor muscular. And just to add color of love you may keep few cushions or some shade for lamp.


If your room is spacious enough then think of a cozy corner in your room to spend some time. It may be a coffee table table arrangement to have tea time talks, or may be a wing chair with a lamp near window. As it’s just the starting of your new life so you would probably have lot of things to talk and discuss. If space is a limit for this then you may go for space saving furniture that may solve dual purposes.


The last part but an important part for any space. Decor shopping for your room can be interesting as well as a bonus to your newly married life, allowing you to spend some time knowing each other better. Buy some romantic painting for your highlight wall, go for some creative frames to showcase your wedding pictures, some art pieces for decoration. But keep in mind not to go overboard with the decoration.

And special note that “don’t think that you have to decorate the whole place immediately. Take your time. Live together bare bones for a while before deciding what vibe to take your home in.”

If you still have questions or don’t have time for all this, then don’t worry ELLE Designers are just a call away!!