Undoubtedly kitchen is the most used area and heart of every home. Be it family gatherings, birthday parties, day to day meal or making something special for your kids, kitchen fulfils all purposes. So it becomes a necessity to incorporate practical thoughts and add functionality to make it a multi-functional space.

To start with, you must know what type of kitchen style you would want to have. There can be various options but its important to think of a design which makes it easy and comfortable for the end user. Try and design your kitchen as per available space, don’t clutter or overdo. The first step is to plan your work space properly, it should provide ample scope to work comfortably for your daily chores. And most importantly the counter should be durable and easy to clean.

Next is to plan your kitchen cabinets. They should be planned in a way so that all your storage containers, utensils, crockery, appliances are kept in a systematic manner and fits in the space. Your appliances play a major role in kitchen, so try and opt built-in appliances. Think of proper space for your refrigerator and try to make it a part of kitchen instead of keeping it away.

If possible then create some space for snack counter or breakfast table. It’s trendy and lets you add style to your kitchen. You can use it for chopping vegetables or feeding your child while working in it.

Once the basic planing is done think of color scheme as the look and feel will be defined by colors. If you have small kitchen try and use light colors to feel refreshing. To create drama use patterns and colors on backsplash. Finally don’t forget to have proper lighting as this is the game changer for any area.

Even after all these tips, if you feel kitchen refurbishment is daunting, then we being the top interior designers are there to share our ideas and help you!!