“For those seeking a stylish, innovative and remarkable home that uniquely represents them, it’s time to think about interior design in a different way. Its time to consider your lifestyle, your likes, loves and inspirations as the guiding light toward a new living environment.”

We are in the Century where Interior Architecture is the Buzz Word, rather than Architecture and Interiors. It is important indeed that Architects and Interior Designers be coordinated at various stages of Design by the owners or the decision makers.

Most of the time architects create lovely buildings & spaces. However, most don’t consider how these spaces will be furnished. As a result, it causes many problems when you start making the interior design & fit out work. If a designer is hired in early stages of construction specially at the time when you hire an architect it would help to predict problems and add valuable inputs in the proposed concept and work in sync with architect. Sometimes the designer is brought in after the completion of plans, which can work but is NOT optimal, and usually many design opportunities are missed which could have integrated in architect’s plan in order to maximize the home’s overall design and longevity.

In case of remodelling, it’s very important to speak to the Interior Designer first before anyone else. The designer should lead the concept and design process from starting because they have the unique ability to not to create an interior experience tailored to exact lifestyle desired by you but also to create new designs in existing space in an interesting manner. This is a different skill set that only interior designers have.

A space without Interior designing is something like a cake without icing or a little black dress without the right jewelry!!

An architect can bake a cake for you by giving you base structure for your spaces but an interior designer will do the icing for your spaces making them exhilarating and leaving your guests flabbergasted when they visit you. So what are you waiting for? Hire the best interior designers in Milan to get the icing on your cake!!