Your house is no more inviting and exciting? It feels boring and doesn’t attract you anymore? Then it’s time to go for a renovation or a makeover!! This looks interesting to do but not that easy to implement. You may have a lot of ideas and thoughts but what about the skills required to put them all together and make it happen? This is where the professionals come into the play – Perfect time to hire the best interior designers!

But HOLD ON… It’s not that easy because whatever the results or outputs will be, you will have to live with that, after all it’s your home or office. So there is no room for errors or mistakes. So we suggest few things that you should know before opening doors for your professional interior designer.


Even before talking to someone, the first step should be knowing about your design style. Take time to checkout reference images that reflect your style. It’s important because until you know your type, you may not be able to hire the right person for the job. Although we feel that the best one’s are capable enough to adapt to your preferences.


Now as you know what you’re looking for then check few designers portfolio. Try and visualise if the kind of work they do will work for you or not. Or maybe you find someone versatile that he or she may work with any style.


It’s as important as any other thing to know your budget before you start remodelling. This will help you to narrow down your choices and give you option to choose as per your pocket.


Now it’s perfect time to meet designers, ask them bunch of questions regarding services provided, materials, quotations, duration of project, revisions involved and anything else that you can think of. But be clear about the specifications, because add-ons during the project may charge you extra.


Once you have met, discussed and made your mind to finalise the best designer for your space, go with the final plan of attack. Now that you’re all part of a team, open your mind to your designer completely so that they can serve you the best. Talk about your priorities, your schedule, your requirements or may be about things that you would want to retain. Plus several other details.

Understanding these tricks of the trade will keep your relationship with your interior designer friendly and smooth. If your professional relationship is on track and you understand how the business works, you would be pleasantly surprised with the final outcome and possibly under budget!!